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that underlines your commitment to sustainable strategic success, led by Arian Ardie, who, in two decades in Indonesia, has developed world-class stakeholder engagement capabilities for organizations, especially in the energy sector.

Arian recently organized joint AmCham/US Chamber of Commerce missions around Innovation, Creative Economy, and FinTech.

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that encourages engagement and creates opportunity, led by Mark Winkel, who has managed transformation exercises with leading foreign and domestic manufacturing and consumer-driven entities during twenty years in Indonesia.

Mark has just finished coaching start-ups from Plug and Play’s first batch in Indonesia.

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Public Diplomacy, Design, Programming

GroupW’s advisors were key members of the partnership that designed, built and operated the US Government’s first-ever, out-sourced facility for public diplomacy.

In addition to our principal role in the design and concept behind this initiative, GroupW and its sister agency, Prisma Public Relations, created and produced the digital content and event programming during the first three years of operation.

During that time, @america attracted more than 500,000 visitors and thousands of FB and Twitter followers and received a Gold Standard Award from PublicAffairsAsia.

Astana Expo

Public Diplomacy, Design, Promotion

GroupW was engaged by the consultative team preparing for Indonesia’s participation in the quadrennial world expo, hosted in 2017 by Kazakhstan. GroupW worked with a team of Indonesian architects, designers, and interior designers to develop the Indonesia Pavilion around the Expo’s theme: “Future Energy.”

Based on research and survey trips to Astana and Almaty, we created the overall visual concept and design specs as well as the strategic promotion and communications plan for the pavilion.

The government withdrew from the Astana Expo, but interest has been shown in adapting some of the promotional approaches.

Deborah Gabinetti, founder of the most successful film festival in Indonesia, asked GroupW to help grow Balinale, then in its tenth year.

After noting the success of the Balinale at showcasing the cultural aspects of film, GroupW suggested including a commercial component that brought together stakeholders from the world of visual entertainment.

GroupW organized BalinaleX – the “X”connoting the coincidences that foster change – to offer roundtable discussions on developing the visual entertainment industry along with a healthy dose of social opportunities to network.

In its inaugural year, BalinaleX attracted more than 50 participants from Indonesia and abroad and has already led to follow-up discussions related to project collaborations, a development fund, and other suggestions made at BalinaleX.

Preparations are already underway for the next BalinaleX in September 2018.


Organizational Assessment and Strategic Communications

In a USAID-funded engagement, GroupW worked with Indonesia’s non-bank financial regulator, Bapepam-LK, which was also responsible for encouraging public investment in non-bank financial instruments, to measure the effectiveness of its communications.

GroupW surveyed potential and current investors (and mainstream and digital media) and then assessed Bapepam-LK’s capacity to conduct more effective communications by reviewing, evaluating, and recommending activities against best practices.

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Youth Attitudes on CSR

At a decisive time in Indonesia’s political history, when the next president will not be the current president, and when some 67 million1 people – almost all young – are eligible to vote for their president for the first time in their lives, this GroupW survey looks at how youth feel about their future and about the roles foreign companies, foreign investment, and CSR might play in their lives.

These results were made available by AmCham to the participants at the “Strengthening Indonesia’s Competitiveness: Business Investment in Sustainability, CSR, and Inclusive Growth” Conference hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and AmCham on June 26, 2013 in Jakarta.

GroupW takes sole responsibility for the findings, which were obtained from a larger survey that GroupW, a strategic advisory firm in Jakarta, designed and analyzed independently.

1 Of the 187 million people who will be eligible to vote in next April’s legislative election, around 67 million, or 35 percent, will be voting for the first time. PDI-P, Golkar Battle Over 2014 Youth Vote - The Jakarta Globe (6 May 2013)

Organizational Assessment and Strategic Communications

Seeking to meet aggressive targets as part of its transformation into a “brand of Indonesia,” this mining company sought to upgrade its communications capability to support a more strategic function within the growing group.

GroupW started with internal and external (media and analyst) perception audits that grew into a blueprint for forming and focusing the communications team along global standards for best practices in CSR, stakeholder engagement, and communications.

Corporate Communications and Reputation

Prisma co-led an international team including GroupW experts to build Pertamina’s reputation in line with the strategic transformation of the company, Indonesia’s largest by revenue.

Our focus was on day-to-day communications (monitoring and issues analysis) plus training and support of in-house external and internal communications capabilities in a multi-million dollar engagement.

The internal effort received a Silver Award from the most prestigious public relations award program in Asia-Pacific